Wednesday, April 11, 2012

iOS 6 predictions

Hey guys,
Just came up with some predictions on iOS 6

1. Messages (imessage), like mac os mountain lion will carry an option to start a FaceTime call right from the messages window

2.Siri - as you can see on the iPhone 4S website siri is in its beta stages. Apple is obviously working on an updated version of siri which could possibly carry a new name. Chances are that only iPhone 4S users and maybe the new iPad may get an updated version of siri.

3. Dictation- dictation was not appreciated very well on the iPhone 4S but it took off very well on the new iPad. It could possibly be making its way to older apple devices.

4. Many people have made predictions which state that iOS 6 could be featuring a dashboard. Mac copies the iPad because it is the base. iOS 6 will not feature a dashboard because it is highly unlikely that the base will copy the build up.

5. Panorama mode- After apple hackers discovered the existence of a panorama mode in advices by editing plist files, there is a 99% chance that a panorama mode will make its way to idevices starting with the iPhone 3GS or the 4.

6. Autocorrect word prediction bar for keyboard- Removed from iOS 5 because it was too android like, the word prediction bar above the keyboard should appear in iOS 6. Yet again there is a 99% chance of its arrival as apple likes to include android like features into iOS. for example the notification centre on iOS 5.


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