Friday, April 16, 2010

The Comparison- Nokia E Series Blackberry

Hi Everyone,
I hope you liked my comparison on the laptops. Heres an other one for all the mobile freaks and the office professionals.

I had just bought a blackberry curve 8900 after giving back my Nokia e series phone

These are the bad points of the blackberry.

a)The Apps take a lot of time to download.
b)If you are an Airtel subscriber you just have to enable internet and email on the blackberry.
c) If you live in India you have to buy a flat pin adapter for charging.

These were the bad points. Coming to the good ones

a)Its keypad is very convenient.
b) It has a Trackball (track pad for the basic version)
c) The trackball is very convenient as you have to bend you knuckle both times once for typing and once for the trackball.
d)It has lots of good apps
e)Your email comes to you immediately whereas in other phones ( E Series ) it comes to you after i hr
f)I does not break if you drop it ten times.
g)Its browser is very fast
h)Its camera is amazing
i) It has blackberry messenger, google talk, msn messenger etc.
j)Its music and sound as compared to other phones is as loud as and i pod speakers.

Well it is good. Coming to nokia

I had to survive for 2 years with a terrible phone
It does not even have half of the features blackberry has
It is not as business enabled as blackberry
For the same price of a blackberry with trackball, it gives you a track pad.
It does not have any model with trackball so that puts a strain on you hands

Good features


So the final verdict is that blackberry is better than nokia and is better for your hand

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